new adventure?

One thing I love more than anything is creating through the eye of a camera lens. One of Trey's friends asked me to take some pictures of their family, and I agreed to make them my guinea pigs. They have gorgeous twin girls and a 1-yr-old.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of someone else's kid.

So is this the beginning of a new "local" adventure? Who knows. For now, it makes me happy to share a little photographic evidence of three truly-loved girls.


Bootstrap Mama said...

Gorgeous pics!! Love them!!

Photography By Lisa M & Fallas Photography said...
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Photography By Lisa M & Fallas Photography said...

Wishing you lots of luck on the new biz. Hope that you find your style and have lots of fun doing so. Let me know if I can help in anyway:) Remember that being unique and finding your niche is key:)

Wishing you nothing but the best
Photography By Lisa M

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