two peas

these boys...and their mamas...are two peas in a pod. it's crazy, almost to think that someone 1,700 miles from you could become an amazing friend you met (for the most part) through the internet. i've written about ashley and her adorable son stellan a couple of times before.

our boys, born 4 days apart, have become great friends. they play well together, play off of each other hilariously, and make us laugh all the time with how much they are alike.

but our boys, they're boys. boys who will be boys. boys who jump, roll, yell, kick seat backs, eat sand, have stinky feet, "cook" on the grill, eat berries, play in sprinklers, wear each other out, play footsie, smell like sunscreen, ride on boats, let their mamas snap 1,000 collective photos, and jump on beds.

boys who, like it or not, will be friends for life. boys who will have their meetings photographically recorded and blogged about....

...with two mamas who can't wait to watch them grow up and become little men.


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