good again

this weekend we went to the beach...twice. i can't tell you the last time we've braved the beach even once in a weekend, but with northerners here it was essential that we showed them the "real" florida!
we took a trip up to siesta to the public beach. aaaaaah, yes, the powdery white sandy goodness of siesta. powdery sand that sticks to and gets into everything.

it gets into snacks, milk, swim diapers, and eyes...and eventually is the demise of our trip. oh white siesta sand, how we take you for granted!

our next visit was to our "private" beach in our neighborhood. we took the ferry across the intercoastal and listened to the waves lap calmly against the sand. and took pictures. lots of 'em.

and again we had sand stuck in crevices we didn't know we even had. so we ran in the sprinklers.

and life was good again.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that last picture of S!! It makes me giggle-out-loud (gol)!

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