i had to laugh

trey and i often just sit around and laugh at the hilarious things reece does everyday. i wish there were cameras rolling in our house sometimes because some of this stuff is very "AFV"-ready.

today reece was alone in the living room with the dogs playing thomas. i heard riley (our pug) choking on something and eventually cough. reece immediately says "riley bless YOU!"

too funny. at least he's polite, right?!

a few minutes later after i changed his *majorly stinky* diaper he came up to me and said "mama poo poo in dare?" and came over to check my shorts. luckily, i was clean!!! ha!

silly boy has also this weekend started randomly saying "O-H, I-O" and "buckeyes!!!" (no prompting from mommy or daddy on that one! ha!) as well as "ooooooooga oooooooga" just to make us laugh.

next time you see him, ask him what color the grass is. i guarantee it will change every day. ask him to say "bounce house" and ask him to do a forward roll. the kid is going to be a gymnast!

i just have to laugh...and love life :)


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