Whoever said "you're too little" to do this or to do that has obviously never met my son. He's always seemed wise beyond his years, with the bald head and plaid shorts to boot! He's determined to get what he "wants" and isn't phased by obstacles.
Today's menace: the water fountain at the Venice Fountains. This fountain had NO idea what Reece had in store for it!

I must say that the water was absolutely freezing cooooold! This did not stop my determined little munchkin!
We learn something new everyday. Today we learned how to drink a gallon of water! Okay, maybe we wasted a gallon and actually drank 1/4 cup. Sssssh, don't tell him that! Where in the world did he learn to drink out of a drinking fountain?!
I know, he saw one of the big kids do it. With bucket in hand, he can drink like the big kids. Well, he can attempt to drink like the big kids. We're gettin' there...
I mean, isn't the chase waaaaaaaay more fun than the catch?!


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