a friday list

We've just gotten back from vacation this week and my head is spinning in 9,000 directions trying to jump back into work and reality that I've had no time to put thoughts together in a blog post. So, in the spirit of the Pioneer Woman, I give you my Friday list!

1. I just realized there are only 2 Fridays left until school starts. Please tell me that I am dreaming, that this is in fact not true, and that summer has only just begun.
2. My online BFF Ashley sent me a sweet birthday card yesterday which I was soooooo excited to get in the mail. Sure, like 674,021 people wished me "happy birthday" on Facebook, but there's just something about getting a card in the mail that makes your day!
3. Just remember, Ash, I'm older and wiser :)
4. I'll humor you and tell you I did NOT (*cough cough*) watch Jersey Shore last night. I also did not just text someone and say "GTL Baby".
5. I'm not white trash like that.
6. I just heard that my Dad got kicked out of the McDonald's in Cross City, Fl for "impersonating a drive-thru clerk". Now, if you know my Dad, this is hilarious. If you know about how seriously the shotgun-carrying-F350-driving-McDonald's-working citizens of Central Florida are about their drive-thru's, you'd not think this was hilarious.
7. My dad is currently making fake bags of "cocaine" to bring to a Miami Vice party tonight.
8. Who does that?!
9. Something smells funky in my kitchen trash and since it's 4:23 in the morning, I'm not going to investigate.
10. Best swim-procrastination line of the day yesterday: "Miss Joanna, what shape do you say this pool is?"--from Madden, 3.
11. Reece now says "weedeater away"--as in "the weedeater is in the shed"...
12. ...there is no way he's almost 2. I mean, I just gave birth to him last week!
13. "weedeater" sounds like "radiator"
14. If waste management does not pick up the pile of wood that used to be our deck which has been sitting next to our driveway for a month like they promised they would today, I'm going to drop-kick some Waste Management ass.
15. That would be a sight.
16. I would like to order 391 gallons of delicious Pei Wei Chai Iced Tea.
17. My sister finally picked her wedding date for next year, June 24, 2011.
18. We're trying to have Reece wear undies for an hour or so after his bath each night. So far, so good, until the mega pee we had in the kitchen last night. He slipped in his pee and fell.
19. I won't tell that story at his wedding.
20. I'm sure we'll have many more night like that.


Anonymous said...

He! He! No matter how technological we get, nothing beats actual physical mail!! The excitement of what might be in the mailbox everytime you open it never gets old (until there nothin in there but bills).

sheskin said...

Real mail is wonderful, I agree. Loved the post, what a fun idea. Undies? Hmmm,...maybe I should try that sometime. But yeah, I picture mega-pee happening.

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