Meet Stellan...Well-dressed fashionist-o, drinker of milk, son of Ashley. Loves airplanes, nesting and stacking cups, and his Poppy. Has a new-found admiration of swim ladders and plastic sharks. He's an early riser, a good napper, and sunscreen-hater. He's a resident of Wisconsin, a man-on-the-move, and lover of Shamu.

Meet Peyton....
Lover of bananas, on-command smiler, daughter of Jessica. Bright color loving (especially orange!), nap-fighter, giver of hugs. She's a brown-eyed beauty, a social butterfly, and a flirt. Says "hey" instead of "hi", blows kisses, and plays well with boys. She's a resident of South Carolina, a great traveller, and lover of squeaky Shamus.

And then there's my Reece...
Eater of strawberries, lover of sprinklers, dog-chaser. Well-dressed, early rising little stinker. Plays with brooms and mops, a quick-witted charmer, watcher of Cops. Loves popsicles, playing in the fridge, and bouncing on beds. Has a new-found admiration of beluga whales.

These three cuties were all born within four days of each other. Reece is the oldest and Stellan and Peyton share a birthday on November 11th. Reece and Stellan are "old friends". We've "known" Peyton since she was born, but this was the first time that Reece and Stellan had met her. All three of them instantly became "new" friends and it was so much fun to watch!
Ashley, Jessica, and I met in Orlando this weekend for a relaxing weekend with our husbands and kids. We are all "old" friends who went through our pregnancies together and have kept in touch for the past two years. We wanted a place where we could chill and a place where the kids could run and play. Ashley chose this wonderful hotel with a great pool area and we spent lots of time down there!

We also conquered Sea World with three kids under the age of two! The kids fell in looooove with Shamu. Actually, the show is really wonderful! Reece had been to Sea World before, so his new love were the "booga" whales. To those of you who don't speak toddler, that's "beluga" whale. Ahem.

It was a great weekend and we had a wonderful time chatting, being moms and chasing kids around Orlando. We're excited about next year and about watching our three munchkins being friends forever!
They're just a tri-perfecta of kids. Perfect.


Miriam said...

Love it! Hopefully more of us can make it next time.... so jealous!

ROUSTAN said...

awww... sorry Naomi couldn't make it so you could have two Nov. 7th birthdays ;)

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