a little sprinkle

Last summer we spent a fortune to get rid of the crushed shell in our backyard so we could re-sod it. For about a month, everything was fabulous. We watered it every day. We talked to it and prayed that it would continue to do well. Then we went on our cruise and when we came back, it was completely dead. It was heartbreaking.

We had spent so much money on it, we babied it and it we had no idea what happened! Come to find out, it was probably the lime deposit from the shell that ultimately was in the soil and killed the grass.

This summer we decided to re-soil and seed everything. We've watered the heck out of it...and so has Reece! The results have FINALLY been worth it and the backyard is finally green. Just look beyond the cute kiddo holding the sprinkler...

...good thing Daddy bought him a green lawnmower today. If he keeps all this watering up he's going to be using that thing in no time! Time to put the kiddo to work!


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