oh my sod!

We have SOD, friends! Glorious, beautiful, green, scratchy sod. I never thought I would be so happy to wheel 110 pieces of heavy sod into the backyard and lay them one by one. Trey never thought he'd be so happy to see so much green in our backyard (since he is the mower-extraordinaire).

Bottom line is: it looks GREAT!

The dogs are bounding through it instead of through my planters because the shell hurt their little paws.

And what does Reece think? Well, he reminds me of Ferdinand from the book "Ferdinand". He just sits there, picks the grass and, in true 7-month-old fashion, tries to eat it.

I suppose it's the little things in life, right?!


SarahRu said...

Beautiful, baby! I love the photo (= ISn't being a mommy fun!?!?

Take Care

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