knockin' knuckles

Our newest trick is knocking knuckles with people. I have absolutely no idea where Reece picked this up, but it's adorably cute and he does it with anyone who will play along.

It used to be high fives. Then it was waving at everyone who was looking. Now he'll stick his fist out expecting a knock!

I must say that Daddy plays along the BEST. His knock is accompanied by a huge "explosive" sound and then he falls over. Reece laughs like crazy, and it's that amazing belly laugh where he can barely catch his breath.

Let me wipe this goofy grin off my face just thinking about that belly laugh. 'Scuse me.

Speaking of 'scuse me, Reece says "moo me" when he's trying to say "excuse me".

I digress... Reece and Mac learned to knock knuckles and Kristin ended up finally getting a picture of them...I swear they weren't ready to punch each other's lights out!


Anonymous said...

Mac n Reece sounds like hip band name. Knockin' Knuckles might make a sweet hit hit song!

sheskin said...

Audrey does this too! We call it "Tough Knuckles". When she does it she says, "PssshHH!"

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