mac 'n reece

Reece and I went to visit Kristin, Keith and Macallan in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, kind of a mid-week-catch-up and long-overdue playdate with the boys. I won't even go into how much Kristin and I have in common, but one glaring commonality is that we both have adorable BOYS!

Mac is 3 1/2. Mac is short for Macallan...and in case you were wondering, he is a truck connossieur. Mac can tell you the difference between an excavator, a ditch-digger, and a bulldozer. Reece has him schooled in Monster trucks, though.
Yes, these are just perhaps 10 of the amazing collection of vehicles that he owns. I seriously thought Reece had a vehicular problem. Mac puts Reece AND Wal-Mart to shame!A truck to carry trucks? But of course!

Everything that Mac did, Reece wanted to do too. Mac rode this big fire engine, Reece attempted it. Mac kicked his Mom's seat in the car and Reece kicked mine. They were so adorable together!
Mac even decided that it would be "cool" to do some of the things that Reece did, like call his pull-ups "diapers"...and repeating some of the not-so-intelligible-words that Reece says, like "backer" (tractor)--shouting this OVER and OVER and OVER until they were both shouting it together. Annoying to most, adorable to us.
Cheesy smiles and games of chase and screaming in IKEA had Kristin and I laughing so hard we teared thinking we are THOSE moms and they are THOSE kids....
...and we were okay with it!
We can only hope that Mac and Reece will be friends forever...and when they go to FSU together Mac had better not buy Reece any beer before he turns 21!


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