we came, we saw, we kicked sea world's butt!

Reece is pretty much obsessed with all things vehicular, round and air-filled, and anything that squwaks, barks, roars, chirps, or bubbles. Reece watches monster truck shows while eating breakfast (it's the only tv he watches or pays attention to!) so why not fulfill his need for nature and take him to Sea World? Are we crazy?

Don't answer that.

We had a blast. It was a 2 1/2 hour ride there and once we got there we used our teaching certificates to get in FREE (score! It's $83 a ticket these days!) I did a little stretching of the truth to get Trey in free with his certificate too. Sssssssssssssssh! Reece will be free until he is 3.

First we went to the Shamu "Believe" show. It was excellent. Kind of daunting after the trainer was just killed a month or so ago...but Reece clapped and waved and sat with his mouth open the whole time! He pointed at "mu" while he was flipping all over the place and splashing people. He LOVED it.

Lunch cost us $30. Ouch.

We saw sea lions, otters, penguins, SHARKS ("arks") and rays. We spent an extraordinary amount of time and the shark tank. I think if Reece could have waded in there he would have loved to get that spotted leopard shark. They were about the same size.

It was a beautiful day, one of the nicest we have had. It is no April Fool's joke that I paid $5 for a frozen lemonade! Reece wasn't having any of the lemonade, so he got suited up and headed to the waterpark! He stood back from the chaos at first and then went in full-force screaming and running from the shooting water!

We were there for about 6 hours and called it a day. Reece was tired and we had a bit of a drive (aka nap!) ahead of us, so off we went! Clutching his new 'mu, Reece was asleep before we left the parking lot!


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