Today, my Grandma and I went and treated ourselves to pedicures. It was her idea after getting a manicure and haircut last week.

"How luxurious", she said.

I thought back to my "former" life, when I did this for myself at least monthly. Sometimes I even paid $10 just to get the polish changed.

Times have changed. Never would I ever.

I cannot remember the last time I had a pedicure; I know I didn't get one after the 3-Day. It might have even been last summer before our cruise. How sad is that?

As we sat and gabbed about our latest happenings...going to the theatre (her), eating prime rib (her), wanting to hit a sale at gymboree (me), what to do for Reece's teacher for Easter (me)...somewhere in the middle of that I told her it's been too long since I've done anything for myself.

This included, of course, getting a pedicure and buying myself clothes.

Grandma said that was bad. And ya know, I trust this woman because she bore seven children. The woman must know what she is talking about!

The verdict: I'm following Grandma's orders. Kind of.
Just don't tell Trey!

side note: this picture was taken with my phone and after I had someone take it, I realized there was dried-up cheese on the camera lens from ahem a muchkin-sized cheese-eater.


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