instead of a pony, daddy...

Dear Daddy,

Today while Mommy was cleaning up the Relay campsite, I found something totally awesome. I figured I'd have Mommy take some pictures so you could see exactly what I'm talking about when I show you these things. So, Daddy, instead of that pony you told me you'd get me if I was good...I think instead I would like...

This 4-seater golf cart! You may think a kid like me wouldn't really neeeeeed all the amenities of a golf cart, but let me show you a few things.

First of all, this puppy has some serious steering control! You can stand on the seat or sit on the seat and move the wheel. The only problem is that I can't exactly sit on the seat yet and push the pedals. Details, though, right?

Look how roomy the seats are! I think there might be room for Mommy, you, and me right here in the front seat! Maybe the doggies could sit in the back?

Check out these sweet cupholders! Mommy even says you can put coffee mugs in there because they have handle cut-outs. They've thought of everything, huh?

This bumper is verrrrrrrrrrrry sturdy. I pushed and pushed and pushed on it and it didn't budge.

This is the backseat. There is room for two more people back here! Can you believe it?!

Look at the sweet rims and the tires, Daddy! Do you think we could get the alloy rims instead? Is this golf cart growing on you?

I know you're probably worried about safety! Look at all these pushy things. This one right here makes it go and the other makes it stop. If you want to park it you have to push in that other thing. I don't really know how to do all that yet, but I'm willing to learn SOON!

One of the best features is that this thing can drive almost all-terrain! Well, about as all-terrain as you can get in south Florida. Sand? No problem. Grass? Done. These little rocks? You betcha!
So Daddy, whaddaya say? Ponies are soooo 2009. Golf carts are the way to go now! I've been a good boy, and I promise I'll wash it and feed it and clean up after it. Mommy told me as long as it didn't go in the house (she says she has no more hiding spots in the house to hide toys) that she'd be okay with it.
Love, Reece


Ashlee said...

This is a riot! You should get one just for your creativity!

Bootstrap Mama said...

hmm...I wonder if this will work with Big Poppy and the new house Mama wants?! said...

This same storyline will appear again in about 15 years. The only difference will be it will be a used Honda...aaah, the circle or life...GrandpaD

sheskin said...

I love this post, especially the pic of the "rocks"!

joanna said...

suz- that is about as "rocky" of a terrain we have here. pathetic, huh?!

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