my kid's got talent

When I was pregnant with Reece, Trey and I spent many nights laying in bed talking about what kind of kid Reece would be. What kind of disposition he would have? Who would he look like? Who's metabolism would he have? Would he be tall and skinny?

One thing we knew: he'd be an athlete. Trey and I were both athletes (well, Trey moreso than me, but I swam, ran, and played high school soccer...I wasn't that great at any of them, but whatever)


One thing I was, and still am, is artistic. My elementary Art Teacher (who I still keep in touch with on Facebook!) was a fabulous teacher. She led us to create and let us go from there. In my daily teachings I strive to be like her! I was hoping Reece would get some of my artsy-fartsy genes. Obviously, we'd see how creative he was somewhere down the line when he got into school.

WRONG! One of the great things about Reece's teacher, is that she loves to do art. Yes, she does art with 6 1-yr-olds. What's wrong with that?! What she gets out of them is amazing. I adore everything he brings home and wasn't quite prepared to have a portfolio of stuff already for my ar-teeest! I thought I'd share a couple of his works with you and see what you think!

Seeing Red? This work is called "Red Bird". DUH! Okay, so maybe it looks like the redbird got stuck in the lawnmower. Moving on...

I look at this and wonder about the lone purple rectangle. Why so lonely, Mr. Rectangle? Aaaaah, the mysteries of a toddler artist!
My personal favorite...perhaps called "Starry Night"? Glitter and purple paint....okay for art, not okay for sequin-y costumes, mister!

If you don't see the stegosaurus in this one, get outta town! No, I didn't know that stegosauruses were blue either. Is stegosauruses a word, or is it stegosauri? Whatever.
I love this one. It looks like some kind of sketched angry wolfe. See his mean eyes and snout? He's hunting a duck or something. Do wolves hunt ducks? They don't? So you mean my kid is artistically talented AND creative at 1?
Yeah, I thought so too!


Bootstrap Mama said...

I love them! He's got talent! That's the thing I was most excited about S going to daycare was the artwork we would get home. We got our first artwork Sent home on Friday! I melted!! said...

You are gonna need a bigger fridge to display all that art!! Dad

Ashlee said...

Love them -- and love your commentary!

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