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This day has been a long-time coming. Reece has really taken a liking to fish and other sea creatures since we went to Sea World. He calls them "ishies". Yes, it's "fishy" without the F.
Friday night we got our new aquarium all set up and let the water filter for a couple days before we put some fish in it. Finally I took Reece tonight to Wal-Mart (known for the fine specimin of goldfish...what's that? You didn't know that Wal-Mart had fish? Me either!)

Which ones should I choose Mommy? He picked out two of them just in case one bit the dust and I had to 'splain to him about fishy heaven at the ripe age of one.
This is the fishy happy dance. It is comprised of stomping your feet really fast and running up and down the aisle with a piercing shreik. Now you know.
Reece picked out a speckly one and an orange one. He picked out the fastest fish in the tank. I hope they're the healthiest fish in the tank!
He kissed all the rest of the ishies "bye bye" a couple of times. He could have stayed there all night, I think.
I loaded my cutie and his ishies in the car and took the looooong car-ride home. (Literally we live 3 minutes from Wal-Mart. Since I let Reece hold them, though, this was probably the longest 3 minutes of their lives!) He "pet" the ishies a couple of times. I felt like it was that scene in "Finding Nemo" where the denist's neice shook the poor fish to death in the bag. ha!
He was clapping for his new little friends (right after he about shook them to death). If these fish can handle the wrath of Reece, they're destined for fishy-sainthood!
Finally the fish made it into the tank. I'll probably regret putting the tank at Reece-level, but I want him to enjoy his tank. Tonight he had mac & cheese fingers and there are prints all over the glass.
I'll never complain.


sheskin said...

Great post! I have a friend who takes her daughter to pet stores for fun. I'll admit...I've done it a few times too! Love the ishies, do they have names? You're a great Mom, Joanna. said...

I wonder whatever became of Philanas "seven deadly FINS?...Can you name the seven? Dad

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