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I always thought it was funny that kids gravitate toward one thing and often have to eat, sleep, and travel with that one thing. For Reece lately it has been this book, "Wheels on the Bus". My Aunt Carla gave it to Reece as a part of his birthday library when he was born. For whatever reason he is really drawn to it, probably because it is a "singing" book; meaning Mommy has to sing it to read it! I honestly have a less than desirable singing voice.


Like I was saying, Reece is 100% drawn to this book and will bring it to you randomly to have you read it. He'll even back up and sit down in your lap. Usually he be-bops to the tune, but lately we've been doing the hand gestures. We even sing it at swimming lessons! Tonight he surprised me and kept doing the movements in the tub. He was so proud of himself...

Kids are such sponges...I have NO clue where he picked that up...but I love him for it!


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