not me! monday...

Ashamed that you're putting off a clay project with your 600+ students because it's just soooo messy (and a LOT of work)? Admittedly grossed out that you typed your sub plans in between puke-fests in the bathroom just to make sure they were emailed by 6am? Don't be! Not me Monday was born out of the desire to admit some of the moments we'd rather forget (and for you to have a good laugh at my expense!)

I did not justify my lack of training this week for my half marathon-that-is-coming-in-tw0-weeks-oh-my-GOD and tell myself "I need to start tapering now"! HA! I did not run yesterday and I did not feel like I could run all night. Maybe my "tapering" has worked?!

I did not drive all the way up to Sarasota on Saturday so I could print a picture that we wanted to frame. I did not print it 3 times and was dissatisfied with every single one. I did not leave them all there and not pay for any of them (wasn't it last week that I admitted that I'm getting cheap in my old age?!)

This is NOT the picture that I just spent $114 to professionally frame. I am NOT psycho about this picture!


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