burn baby burn!

I'm a photographoholic. So sue me.

One of my goals in the next couple of weeks is to burn a couple DVDs with all of Reece's pictures and put them into safe-keeping.

Yes, that's right. It may take a couple of DVDs. Most of them are smiley pictures, firsts, milestones, and family. Then there are gems like the one I'm about to share.

Let me set this up. At school, one of the centers Reece can play in is "dress-up". At first I thought this was a little ridiculous, I mean, boys don't like dress-up, do they?


We got this fireman's hat at Firehouse Subs the other night. I kept putting it on him trying to get a picture. He was running around with it and kept putting it on his head and cheesing for the camera. I've only got about 45 shots of that.

Fast-forward to bath time. He ran up to the hat, nakey, and was posing with it.

Seriously this could have been out of a Chippendales photo shoot.
Yeah, he's gonna hate me when he gets older...but I've got GREAT ammo for his wedding (when he's 35!)


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