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Embarassed that you found a sippy of juice under the seat of your car and quickly realized that was what you have been smelling for a week? Ashamed that your kid crawled under the dressing room door while you were half-naked trying clothes on? Don't be! Not Me Monday was born out of the desire to admit some of your imperfections and get a good laugh on my behalf!

This is not my handsome husband who jumped the fence to *ahem* cut down the tree in the vacant wooded lot behind us. We would never tresspass on someone else's property to cut down vines and a tree that were screwing up our fence and hanging into our yard. Nope, not us! We'd do something completely civil like call the association and find the property owner and let them know the tree was a major hassle. That would be the right (and legal!) thing to do!
I do not get a kick out of taking pictures of Reece making a total mess out of his dinner. My child has refined eating skills and habits and I never egg him on to put noodles on his head. I didn't take pictures of him tonight eating a blue popsicle that also didn't land on our bedroom carpet. I'd never let my kid run around my immaculate house with a blue popsicle!

It was not me that left Reece's swimsuit in the condo while Grandpa took him down to the beach. The water was not 65 degrees. Grandma did not let him get his toes wet, and since Reece is NOT a waterbug, he had NO interest in getting his legs wet. And getting his legs wet did not result in sitting in the water. And sitting in the water did not result in getting totally wet. His diaper did not weigh 900lbs and I did not end up carrying him back up to get a towel after he took a nose-dive into a wave. Not MY child. Not THIS mom!

Lastly, I did not pack everything for Reece for the beach and forget my swimsuit. I do not have a lovely farmer's tan that could rival any carnival workers' tan line anyday.



Bootstrap Mama said...

Big Poppy would definitely not take tree/fence matters into his own hands either. ;)

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