I am: a wife,mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, and (kind of a) housekeeper

I think: positively

I know: that I am loved
I have: an amazing husband & son, wonderful family and two cute doggies

I wish: I played the lottery. I wish I had good luck!

I hate: tardiness, arrogance, deceit, and those who push their beliefs on someone else

I miss: many of my friends from college!

I fear: drowning and burning. YUCK!

I hear: my pug snoring, the humidifier humming, and the rain against the the windows

I smell: our Christmas-tree scented plug-in (yes, I understand it is March!)

I crave: gummy bears, ice water, and cheesy chex mix

I search: for missing balls, my car keys and cell phone, and for coupons daily!

I wonder: what it would be like to live in a town without a Target.

I regret: nothing, everything has led me to where I am today :)

I love: my life. Trey, Reece, my family, sunny days, the beach, and Reece kisses

I ache: to eat like Trey. The man is a bottomless pit!

I am not: good with historical facts. I get quizzed weekly by Trey and it pisses him off that I don't know important dates or details. I try, I try.

I try: to come up with a new recipe every week so we don't keep having the same 7 meals over and over. Some are DEFINITE "misses".

I believe: there will be a cure for cancer in my lifetime.

I dance: like a dork.

I sing: only to Reece because who can mess up a kids song?!

I cry: when I see the 3-Day commercial, sometimes when I drop Reece off at school, and when I am overly frustrated.

I fight: to remain strong and positive no matter what obstacles are in my way!

I lose: my cool sometimes when driving. I can't stand the snowbirds that come here and clog up our roads!

I never: go to bed without putting on chap-stick.

I always: tell Reece I love him more than all the stars in the sky when he goes to sleep.

I confuse: historical facts and dates. This is a big problem when you have a history buff as a husband!

I listen: to the sounds of daily life..giggles, cries, barks (from the dogs)

I can usually be found: definitely not sitting on the couch for any period of time, in my classroom, doing laundry, in the pool, or chasing a toddler!

I need: to be told I am loved and appreciated every once in awhile. Who doesn't?!

I am happy: when I'm surprised. When I win a challenge. When I'm with my boys.

I imagine: living debt-free, having a bigger home, and growing old with my boys.

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I think: I will!

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