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It's January 7th and I finally have figured out what my resolution should be this year! I've read other's and they seem sooooo prolific, ie "get ME back", "stop drinking Diet Coke", "lose 20 lbs", "write more letters instead of emails". I love these goals/resolutions. My friend Ashley wants to get "herself" back after being a SAHM for awhile. I can understand how you can "let yourself go". It seems I have "let my recliner" this year I resolve to get my RECLINER back!

Maybe I'm just aiming know...for "success"?

Meet my arch-nemesis: our recliner.
I love this chair. It was one of my first single girl purchases and it was actually quite expensive. I had it custom-made from Lazy Boy and it was called "the Riley" (no, I didn't buy it because of my Riley!!!). Right now you'd never know that it exists in our house because you can't find it.

Let me tell you, it's there...

Well, it's UNDER there....

Under where?

Yep, there are probably some of those on there too.

Everyone has one of those "catch-all" places in their house where everything seems to end up. For us Lanums it is the chair. I can tell you I've lost my cell phone and keys a few times in the mess. Just last night I took this picture. There are no less than 4 coats, 2 pair of shoes, two lunch boxes, some of Trey's dress shirts, 18 pieces of student artwork, some hangers (why the shirts aren't on those shirts is beyond me!), and a reuseable shopping bag. I'm sure I'm forgetting something(s), too.

So last night I made my resolution: keep the damn Lazy Boy clear. Well, clear of junk that will sit there for days. You know, like laundry that needs to be hung on the hangers that are right there. Or coats that need to be hung in the closet that is right there.

Maybe if I can keep the chair clear I'd actually sit in it, cause ya know, it's quite comfortable!

According to the Chinese calendar 2010 is the year of the Tiger. For me, it's the year of the recliner!


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