fourteen months...

Dear Reece,

Today I realized that you aren't a baby anymore. You are Mommy's little boy. That's right, you are a big boy. I didn't realize how seeing you up on your feet walking across the room would affect me. You did it!

I love everything about you...the way you now snuggle with 2 "blankies" and 2 binkies to sleep, how you're STILL addicted to strawberries and they cost $3.98/quart, how you peed on me on Christmas Day, how you attacked all your gifts and had a great time opening them, how you get excited when you see new trucks or cars, how you are addicted to Christmas lights, how you now say "bye bye" even when we go in the bathroom and shut the door, how you toddle across the room to hand us our phones, how you "reorganize" all the DVD's in the cabinet on a nightly basis, how you help Mommy get the clothes out of the dryer, how you dance to GLEE music, how you are in love with the book The Wheels on the Bus and want us to sing it to you over and over, how you bounce around on the couch after bath time to avoid getting your jammies on, how you feed the dogs everything that you are eating, how you have a new-found love for Craisins and cheddar rice cakes, how it takes us forever to go shopping because you insist on "pushing" the cart, and how your smile melts the heart of complete strangers.

You are truly the light of our lives, big boy. Daddy and I love you more than all the stars in the sky!




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