monday morning...

Hey Babe,

I realize I rarely thank you for your help around the house. Perhaps it is because I run around like a chicken with my head cut off most days, perhaps I try to fit it all in. Whatever it is, mornings are crazy for us! That being said, thank you for changing a diaper, picking up a "kersplatted"donut off the floor, for snuggling with bug, and for dressing him. Yep, all this because I needed a few extra minutes in bed.

I neeeeeded them.

Yes, you rarely see them, but our mornings are like this. Crazy and hectic with lunches to pack, noses to wipe, socks to find, hair to dry, pants to iron, dogs to let out, and breakfasts to eat, those are our first moments together daily.

Yep, you ask me why I want another child, why I'd want to go through all of this again....
don't you remember the snuggly bug this morning? He loves you and I do too!

Happy Monday!


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