20 minutes

If you could spend 20 minutes in our house, you'd be exhausted! Here is a quick glimpse of a "normal" 20 minutes. You'll be exhausted!7:31 pm: Reece "reads" one of his two favorite books, "What's in the Pond". He points at all the animals.
7:32 pm: Reece decides Mommy would be better reading the book. He also tries to destroy the camera because he's sick of the flashbulb!
7:34 pm: After reading the book and getting a quick kiss from Mommy, he's off to play some ball with Daddy. He can really wing that ball across a room now!

7:35 pm: A kiss and snuggle from Daddy would be niiiiiice!
7:35:30 pm: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, we're off! Off to cause some trouble. Where are we heading? The bathroom? Oh no!
7:36 pm: Flushes the toilet. Usually the door to the bathroom is closed because we've caught Reece with one leg hoisted up over the top of the tub, but somehow he busted through!
7:38 pm: heading back across the room to find out where Daddy is. Is he in the bathroom? What do you think about his outfit?7:40 pm: "Rearranging" things on Mommy's bedside table. Of particular interest today was the deodorant and chapstick. After a quick interest in a car found under the table, we averted our attention back to the deodorant. What was it doing here?
7:44 pm: After a sip of water from Daddy (and standing on his own and taking a step toward Daddy!!!!) Reece helps Mommy put the lid back on the water. This is now an obsession!
7:50 pm: Reece digs through the dog's toys and finds a bone. Doesn't Daddy need a bone to chew on?7:52 pm: I love you Daddy! Gimme kissy!


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