our year in review (in pictures)!

2009 brought us many changes, many highs, and a few lows. Here are 12 pictures to "sum up" the year that was....January, 2009...back to work for Mommy...trying to get a schedule going, trying to snuggle with a 2-month old, trying to get some sleep.
February, 2009...Reece meets Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Brink. Spills iced tea on Mommy and celebrates his first Valentine's Day. Mommy is his Valentine!

March, 2009...Reece eats rice cereal for the first time and starts sleeping through the night. Our smiley baby starts developing a funny personality!
April, 2009...We celebrate our first Easter together. Reece hunts for eggs and Christ Methodist Church (his daycare) and we head to Astor for a weekend. Reece takes his first "major" boat ride!
May, 2009....After a trip to Ohio (his first plane ride!), Reece shows that he can now sit up! This literally happened overnight! We're still bald and still tooth-less. Reece starts swimming at the YMCA.
June, 2009....Our fruit-monster comes out in full-force. There aren't enough nectarines or strawberries to feed this child! Reece gets his own pool for our house and loves to swim. Mommy starts summer vacation and gets to stay home 2 days a week with the Bug.

July, 2009....Reece and Mommy take our first airplane ride alone! We go to Wisconsin to see Gramma and Grampa Brink and the rest of the family. Reece does funny things and makes people laugh. He even starts to laugh at himself! Mommy and Daddy left Reece for 4 days with Grandma Smiley to go on a cruise. Daddy finished up his teaching certification at MCC.
August, 2009.....One of our favorite places to go this summer was the YMCA waterpark. Daddy even got to join in on the fun! Mommy went back to school and Reece went back to daycare full-time.
September, 2009.....Hooray for football season! Reece is a Buckeye fan. Reece started crawling and pulling himself up and his favorite "hangout" spot was in the refridgerator and dishwasher!

October, 2009.....October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Reece wanted to show he highly supports boobage! Reece ran in the Race for the Cure with me and made the trek up to Atlanta for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I want to show him that we should (in the words of Rascall Flatts) "give more than we take" and give back to our community. He's got a GREAT head start!
November, 2009....Reece turned ONE! Everyone was at the party and our boy wasn't feeling well. Reece was spoiled with gifts and love...and then landed in the ER with Swine Flu! Reece went on "daycare detox" to get rid of germs. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Columbia Restaurant as a family and were thankful for all the blessings we have been given this year!
December, 2009.....Reece's second Christmas with family, got over "Hand Foot and Mouth" disease and took steps toward Grandma Davis. Reece took classes at Play Away and loved them. Reece sports 6 teeth and has an amazing smile!
From our family to yours...we wish you a happy and blessed 2010! We hope for countless memories to share!


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