warriors in pink

THIS is my "Reece for the Cure"...isn't he adorable?!

Today Reece and I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K in St. Petersburg. I absolutely love this run. Not only do I love the cause, but it's just a fun race altogether.
They figured this year there were about 12,000 walkers and runners, lots of teams and lots of kids. Reece had a great time watching all the runners (sadly, some running right past us! ahem! I'm running pushing an extra 50 lbs people!)

Not only is the run fabulous, but the view is great, the company is great, and the after-party is wonderful too! At the Ford tent we got our "Warriers in Pink" scarf which Reece wore like a pirate bandana. Mommy needs to really get into shape so I can get back into running further distances. I really miss running sometimes! Maybe next year....Disney 1/2 Marathon?!

In the meantime, I'll run the Race for the Cure again and again so Reece will never have to run for a cure in his lifetime!


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