baby gear!

This week on Kelly's Korner we are talking about baby gear...and things we cannot live without. Of course there are some things that I absolutely could NOT have lived without: my Baby Trend Jogger, Boppy pillow, swing for the 1st five months, and baby goldfish crackers!

There are some things I could have DONE without: doorway jumparoo, diaper genie, 20 receiving blankets, and Playtex drop-ins.

But there is just ONE toy that Reece goes to time and time again: his O-Ball . At 9 weeks old (when Reece first started daycare) he would hold onto this thing like it was surgically attached to him. This O-Ball, I'm convinced, made him like daycare! I simply had to find out the name of this thing and how to find one...STAT! Here is a picture of him at 3 months with his ball.

Now he can throw the ball and play catch with Mommy and Daddy. He loves this! When we were at Babies R Us recently he picked out a new one...a football...which is blue and yellow (Michigan colors), so it was a hard sell to Daddy!

So if you have a boy, I HIGHLY recommend this toy :)


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