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Can't believe you washed the laundry without detergent? Did you try to trick your kid into thinking frozen strawberries were the same as fresh ones? Don't internalize your about them! This blog carnival is hosted by MckMama. Head on over and see what others have NOT been doing this week!

I did NOT let my almost-11-month-old crawl around diaper-less for over an hour on Sunday. I am not infatuated with his little hiney crawling all over the house. I did NOT realize I was playing with fire...when...I did not find him in his (empty) blow-up pool in a pool of his own whiz. I did not whisk him right off to the bathtub since he wanted to "play" in the water!

I did NOT learn my lesson from the above event and let him crawl without his diaper again right before dinner and watch him stand up and whiz right into the refrigerator! I did not laugh so hard that I cried! What kind of mom't do that?! NOT ME!

It was not me that headed to the mall after a 5K without showering. Who would do that? I am always fresh and clean and dressed to the nines. I did not feel better when I saw another runner in her runner gear strolling through Baby Gap. I did not smile and feel that I was "amongst other smelly people" when I saw her.

Are your "not me's" just as bad...or worse?! Head on over to MckMama's website and you'll feel much better!


sheskin said...

Ha ha, it's ok, I washed a load of laundry but forgot to put the clothes in. :)

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