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Did you know? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Two events near and dear to me (which, coincidentally are breast cancer awareness fundraisers) will also be held this month.

I've always been a big advocate for breast cancer treatment, research, and prevention....many people ask me "why"?

Does she have a family member who fought breast cancer?

Did someone close to her battle breast cancer?

Does SHE have breast cancer?

The answer to all of the above is NO.

So why am I a huge advocate for the pink ribbon?

First of all, I fight because I am physically able to do so. When someone says walk 60 miles for a cure...I do. When someone says run 3.2 miles for a cure...I do. When someone says walk for 24 hours... get the picture.

In the end...isn't all that physical torture that you put yourself through better than cancer, radiation, and chemo? I'd rather have blisters on my feet than go through chemo!

I believe the cure is out there. I believe we can beat this disease. There is no reason for a woman to die of breast cancer. I have seen women fight and WIN. Susan and Donna at work are two prime examples of this. Donna is on her last round of chemo this month. Susan will begin hers next week. When I walk, I'm thinking of these things...when I walk I dream of a day when I know that Reece will live in a world where his Mom and future girlfriend (or wife!) won't be afflicted with breast cancer. I dream of that day.

I think early detection is the key. Early detection is the cure, too. Just about a month ago I told you that I found a lump in my breast after a self-exam. Luckily, for me, mine was benign. For many others, though, it isn't! Those are the women I walk for.

In the end, I would hope that someone would walk in honor of me should something ever happen. I hope my efforts make a difference in the treatment, education and funding of breast cancer research. This is my fourth Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. I have raised almost $10,000 for the organization...and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

So whatever your passion is...find a way to make a difference. There are many walks/runs/fundraisers out there to be a part of. If you're physically able to do it, then get at it! Too many people give to get something in return. It's time to give just to give....

I think after the 3-Day I'd like to use this pink ribbon corkscrew to celebrate raising almost $10,000 and walking 240 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-Day!


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