This past Sunday Reece surprised us as he was mimicking our words. "Uh Oh", he exclaimed! It took forever to get this on video, because as soon as he sees that blinking red light he gets camera-shy.

We're not counting this as his first word, because he really doesn't associate his words with falling, or throwing, or dropping a toy, or anything for that matter. He's just mimicking us (probably because we say it all the time after his bum falls!) but it's just the cutest little thing!

This week Reece also started cruising along the furniture. We moved the coffee table out onto the back porch so "Bam Bam" could have free reign. (Yes, we call him Bam Bam because he reminds us of the Flintstone character Bam Bam. He hits and destroys everything, he has torn apart his exersaucer and can shred a magazine in 10 seconds flat.) In October we will travel to Atlanta to visit Aunt Rhea. I've warned her countless times about her "valuables" in her dog-friendly-not-kid-friendly house.

Yeah, we should be the ones saying "uh oh"...seems our baby boy is becoming a toddler. Did I mention he ate Sloppy Joe for dinner last night?



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