perfect 10.

Dear Reece,

You are now ten months old! You are getting so big, bug! You aren't our little baby anymore, you are turning into such a big boy!

Your personality is really starting to show. You are reserved when you are around a lot of people. You hang onto Mommy until you have checked everything out. Once you've figured it all out, you decide to go for it! You are just like Mommy and Daddy. You have a really funny side to you, too. You now make this scrunched-up smiley face when you are really happy. We call this your "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" face. It is too cute for words. Daddy makes you smile all the time. You laugh and smile at almost everything he does. That makes Daddy so happy!
One of your favorite things to do is run with Daddy around the island in the kitchen and living room while Mommy chases you. You peek around the corner and laugh when I finally tickle you. Sometimes we even get a high-pitched squeal and scream in delight of our little game.

You've hit some major developmental milestones this month, too! You'd been scooting on your tummy for so long, we didn't ever think you were going to crawl! You were so content (and fast!) scooting around the house...but finally one day you got up on all 4's! You still resort to the scoot when you want to get somewhere FAST! You also pull up on everything, which has made Mommy and Daddy officially baby-proof the house. The house is free reign for you! You keep Mommy and Daddy on our toes because we have to chase after you and make sure the dog food is out of your reach.

You now have 2 teeth! Your bottom 2 teeth were pointed out to us at your 9-month appointment. Bad Mommy and Daddy! Teething wasn't so bad, and we're glad you have two little pearly whites in that gorgeous smile of yours.

You have LOTS of favorite foods, and many you tried this month for the first time! You eat bread and cheese at school, waffles, yogurt, strawberry, kiwi, graham crackers, and baby goldfish. One thing we tried with you this month was pureed squash, which you absolutely hated a few months ago! We are still trying to introduce green foods to you, but you're not interested. We can only hope that you'll love your green veggies as much as we do! You are drinking less and less formula, but love ice water (just like Mommy).

You have really started to understand "playing" and love to play ball with Mommy and Daddy. While we were at Babies R Us you picked out a new football which has become one of the favorite new toys! You know how to throw the ball to Mommy or Daddy and wait anxiously for it to come rolling back to you. Your new favorite book is "Peek-a-Boo Kisses", and you love to feel all the textures on the pages. You pull this book down off the shelf every time.

We can tell that you are anxious to talk! You babble a lot and respond to lots of things. You respond to the words ball, truck, more, mama, dada, doggie, uh oh, wawa and juice. You have now taken to repeating "uh oh" after Mommy and Daddy say it. It seems we say it a lot after you fall on your bum cruising along the couch!

I know we say it every month, but so far this month has been my favorite! Your true colors are really starting to shine and we love everything about you! On a scale of one to ten, you are our perfect ten.


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