sam's club and lunch...

Who kew that Sam's Club would be the topic of conversation all weekend? I mean, seriously, warehouse clubs are crap, unless you're buying bulk diapers or wipes...or string cheese. Thursday I went to Sam's club in the soon-to-be torrential downpour, knowing that our "membership" will expire in a week, to stock up on said above items.

I entered the store at 4:32pm. This info will come in handy later...

Whiz past the diaper section. Buy diapers and wipes.

Whiz to strawberry section. Buy 4lbs of strawberries.

Whiz to checkout (hearing the thunder coming) and realize my wallet is....gone.

I began sprinting through the store, retracing my steps, looking under pallets, wondering if I had "set it down" on something, but then remembering I had just put it in my pocket.


After a round-about with the Floor Manager, I told the Store Manager what had happened. She went and checked the surveillance cameras to see where I had dropped it. She pulled all cameras from 4:32-4:36pm (when I was ready to check out). I was literally in there for 4 minutes and in that amount of time, I dropped my wallet and someone took it.

SERIOUSLY? It happened that fast? YES. I left 2 hours later in that torrential downpour without my wallet, without my diapers, wipes, and strawberries.

So today I talked Trey into going with me, since he now has the lone Sam's Club membership card in the family. We stocked up on the above-mentioned goodies, and added some more, like 12 lbs of chicken and 48 cheese sticks.

SERIOUSLY? Sadly, yes.

I knew the whole time that we were going to have to book it home so Reece could eat his lunch. This trip was kind of infringing on his feeding time. Luckily on Sundays Sam's Club has samples out the wazoo, and today's samples were: string cheese, applesauce, and turkey sandwiches. (amongst other things, like the super pretzels and the crab dip---YUM!)

I digress.

Reece was in hog-heaven and I didn't have to make his lunch! He had some cheese stick, some applesauce, and some turkey sandwich. He had a few strawberries on the way home, too. He is just getting so big, and his little eat-a-thon around Sam's Club really showed me how he isn't a little baby anymore.

We spent a lot of time in Sam's Club this week, but a satisfied full-bellied baby boy, and a satisfied Mommy who has diapers-and-wipes-a-plenty was worth the trip!

Now if I could just find out who the bleep-hole was that took my wallet...I'd consider these trips a total success. No word yet.


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