Not Me! Monday!

Embarrassed about that dryer sheet hanging out the leg of your pants? Can't believe that your neighbor charitably mowed your lawn again? You should air your dirty laundry and read about what others are doing on MckMama's website,

I promise you I do not allow Reece to play in the refrigerator while I am making his dinner. I am pretty earth-friendly and energy conscious and am trying to keep my carbon footprint non-existant. I would never let my child do whatever kept him happy and content while I am chopping fruit and veggies. After he knocked the wine bottle onto the floor I didn't simply move it to the back of the fridge and continue to let him play.

I did not wear the same workout top on my training walk Saturday and Sunday because it matched both pair of shorts. I definitely washed it inbetween wears. I didn't rationalize this by thinking "it's just sweat. Sweat mixed with sweat, no one is going to smell me as I'm walking..."

I did not have a mega-stash of puffs and dried fruits for Reece to snack on at a Memorial Service this weekend. I would never feed my child to keep him occupied and quiet during the service. I never plan on doing this again if I needed to. The thought of using jelly beans when he is older didn't ever enter my mind!

I didn't let my child continue to play in the (clean, I promise you) toilet while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. Trey did not tell me that the next day he caught Reece playing in an unflushed toilet!

Lastly, I did not almost pass out after I tried to take the tape off my battle wound. Upon explaining this to Trey he did not remind me that the tape was dissolvable and would fall off in a couple of weeks. This tape is not what is holding my incision closed. I am not happy that I couldn't get it all off!

Whew! I feel better!


Jenilee said...

I've never air-dryed my work out clothes and reworn them. never. :)

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