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Ashamed that your child's daycare provider had to "run home and change her clothes" because of your child's dirty diaper? Did you purchase a Halloween costume just for a photo op? Maybe you should head over to to see what the rest of us have not been up to this week!

I did not lose my wallet in Sam's Club. I did not have it in my pocket and someone did not take it. I would never wish bad karma on anyone...ever...but I hope that righteous person does not have a hayday with my (now discontinued) Coach wallet. I did not lose it with the Store Manager when she asked me if I was going to purchase my cart full of goods...with a stolen wallet and no money. NEVER!

I did not make my "breakfast" in our bedroom Sunday morning just so I would not wake Reece up at 4:45am before I went on my training walk. Said breakfast-making-items were not still in my bedroom this morning...and I did not make breakfast again right then and there while putting on my make-up. Nope, not me!

Reece did not have a boog the size of Texas in his nose all day yesterday. It was not dry and crusty. I did not leave it there just to avoid a major temper tantrum. My child is well-groomed and clean and I would never let him out of the house in such a state!

I did not eat chips and about a half a jar of Wal-Mart corn and bean salsa last night for dinner. I'd never buy Wal-Mart brand salsa, I would never recommend it to anyone, and I am not craving it right now!

EDIT: Kari did not remind me to add this doozie...I did NOT talk Kari into having a double-cookie-ice-cream-sandwich at mile 12 of 19 while on our training walk Saturday. Kari was not trying to get me to have beef jerky instead. I did not inhale said cookie delight...and there were NOT 460 calories in it!

Ashamed of your shortcomings...or want to read more? Head on over to MckMama's website and read read for yourself...we're all PERFECT!


Shelly said...

so sorry about the wallet. Yea...I probably would have lost it with the Sam's people too. People should think before they talk...

kez1180 said...

ummm we did NOT have Mrs. Field's ice cream sandwiches at mile 12 on Saturday! Delicious!!

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