summer lovin'

Today after my 15-mile training walk for the 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day, a swimming lesson, and Reece's afternoon nap we decided to hit up the Venice Fountains and see what they were all about. Lots of moms take their kids there and I've seen the actual fountains, but I guess we've just never had the desire to stop. Best part of the whole deal: it's FREE!

Call me unprepared. Call me a bad mom.

I didn't bring swimsuits. Not really because I didn't think about it, or that I forgot, but rather that I didn't think Reece would be interested. Fountains?

Um, wrong. Daily this kid proves me wrong.
Was there water involved? Was Reece there? Getting wet was inevitable!

The funniest part was the "jumping fountain" that you see here. It jumps from one spot to the next. Reece wanted to get that darn jumping water. He was getting so frustrated...I was getting a great bunch of pictures!
After our cutie pie was finished getting wet, we went (in a dry diaper and a t-shirt, because I was unprepared, remember?) for some ice cream. I believe I have failed to mention the extreme amount of love we have for ice cream. Maybe it's the cold against his teething gums. Maybe it's just the fact that he loves ice cream, I don't know! The ladies at Bresler's were nice enough to give Reece his very own baby-size portion of vanilla soft serve. What he was interested in, though, was our cones.

Summer lovin', that's for sure. I fall in love with Reece more and more each day...and Reece has now fallen in love with the fountains and ice cream.
Summer lovin'...had me a blast!


From Marriage to Motherhood said...

What a fun-filled day!! Cute pictures to show for it :)

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