target is the _______________ (fill in the blank)

Yeah, you heard me. That's what I think about Target. Most people think it is the "bee's knees". Oh, don't get me wrong, I LOVE TARGET...probably more than I should. But seriously, I think Target is the devil.

Figuratively speaking, of course!

For real, I mean I go in there for trash bags, apple puffs, and a travel size thing of toothpaste. What do I come out with?! Well, let's just say...way more than I needed. Probably about 12 travel-size-thingies more than I needed, to be totally honest with you. Along with new shoes for Reece, a sippy cup, some Christmas presents, a new tank top, and chapstick.
Just LOOK at all those travel-size things I got. Each were $1.
Would someone please tell me why I have 2 things of lotion and foot lotion?
I suppose my sking will be really hydrated while we're on vacation.
But really, this is the lure of Target. I could have gone spastic crazy buying all that stuff in the travel aisle. I watched Rhea do the same thing while we were in Wisconsin! You go in for one thing and voila, you end up with $100 worth of stuff. Hence, why Target is the devil.
Figuratively speaking, of course.
So why do we need all these travel items? Trey and I are taking a cruise to the Bahamas. A quick cruise, a 4-day-er. Should be fun, we're going with 5 other couples. I dropped Reece off at daycare this morning and showered him with kisses...and YES, I cried as I walked back out to my car. Four days without the little bug.
You're right, I can't believe I left him.
So I'm leaving him in the trusty hands of my mother-in-law...for now. Doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder?
I'm sure this is what I'll come home to on happy, healthy baby boy. Smiling and reaching for a kiss. Can't wait....


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