29 again weekend

This weekend i celebrated my 29th birthday again. I don't know why I have this horrible avergance to being 30. 30 just sounds sooooooo old. "I'm in my 30's"...sounds like you can't shop for cute clothes or cute shoes anymore. Sounds like you need to relinquish your life to baggy sweats and ponytails. Sounds like you need to read Redbook magazine. Sounds like you need to swap recipes with other moms. "I'm in my 30's".

Luckily, I didn't jump into my 30's as prescribed!

Trey wanted to make sure my "29-again" birthday was special, so he had some Propel and Twizzlers waiting for me in the morning. Wouldn't you know it, I had to work and so did he.

Some birthday, huh?

It was great, though. Reece and I got to take a swimming lesson then headed over to Kari's Aunt Janet's house for "Pool Day". Of course Reece had a great time with all this swimming, showing off his "skillz". He got plenty of lovin' from everyone, including the dogs.
Trey surprised me with 4 new Pandora charms...actually, Reece got these for me. You see, when I was in Door County I got an "R" charm. Apparantly, Reece thought I should also have a "J" and a "T" with two hearts between them. You can see my new charms in this picture, if you can get past my adorably perfectly giggly smiley son.

You know, so that we could have ALL our family's initials on the bracelet. Trey is becoming SUCH a Pandora diva!
We had my new favorite dinner, shrimp kabobs, and apple crisp. I even got a clean kitchen out of the deal. SCORE! Reece was too cute cooking on his own grill. This was given to us by a friend and I can sooooo foresee a male-bonding experience in the future. They just looked too cute out there!

Probably the funniest part of the weekend, though, was how Reece was carrying around this birthday balloon that we got for free from Publix. He has carried it everywhere for 2 days now...and there is no sign of it going anywhere. In the walker, on the changing table, during play time...my poor little guy that is trying to crawl is carrying it with him. No wonder the baby boy can't crawl yet!
Looking forward to next year, when I turn 29 again. No subscription to Redbook here!


sheskin said...

Great post! I'm "29-again" with ya, no worries!

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