Not Me! Monday

This blog carnival, created by MckMama, allows us to "air" out the dirtiest things we did NOT do this week! You may be inspired to recollect your "not me's"....and you'll live to write about them!
This week I did not procrastinate shopping for our 4th of July picnic with all of the in-laws and do it on the actual morning of the 4th. I also did not post the following facebook update, almost validating my lameness: "shopping? at 7am? because we waited until the last minute? that is so AMERICAN of me!"

It most certainly wasn't me that trudged barefoot to the beach, shoeless through the parking lot, and again barefoot around the backyard for a rousing game of corn hole. It wasn't me who, upon showering the next morning, realized how thoroughly disgusting my feet looked, looked down and saw the "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" in the shower and thought "that thing cleans everything. Wonder if it will clean my feet". It most admittedly was NOT me that sat down in the shower and scrubbed her feet with the Magic Eraser. After the first good scrub I definitely didn't try again, either.


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