new toys, old toys, not toys...

We have a house full of toys. My somewhat neutral palette with tasteful "Pottery Barn" decorating style has been overcome with primary colors, Elmo, noise-makers, walkers, exersaucers and blocks.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

What no one told us is that all of those toys are NOT necessary! Reece gets joy out of playing with everyday items. Half the time he grabs them right out of my hand and makes "insta-toys" out of the most obscure things.

Take, for example, my new toothbrush from the dentist. LOVED it!

Or, a piece of wax paper from when I was making (burned) cookies.

Even a bag of cotton wipes kept his attention all morning on Wednesday.
I'll never forget the story Kristin told me about Macallan's first Christmas. Kristin, Keith, and her parents we overboard purchasing tons of gifts for Christmas. He was surrounded by toys. What was Mac doing? Sitting in the corner playing with a red Solo cup. Priceless.
I suppose after finding out that Reece just likes to play with household junk (further solidified when Trey gave Reece a roll of packing tape to play with today) you would think I would learn my lesson and NOT shop for this adorably perfect little man.
You would think that anyway.
However, every now and then our local consignment shop, The Snappy Turtle, calls my name. They really have great stuff. Yep, like this Elmo workshop table. It's definitely for a standing baby, but that doesn't bother Reece. He loves the sights and sounds and plays anyway.
This of course is front and center in my dining room. My decorated dining room. Argh.
Reece also got his first (and last, Trey says, because they are too expensive) Thomas the Train engine. This went right in the mouth. Mmmmm, slimey!
For now, I'm a-ok with shopping at the Snappy Turtle and getting gently used toys. I know there will come a time in the future, though, when $150 shoes and concert tickets won't be on sale for consignment. Sigh.


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