lkjalekjralbvny`` (happy father's day daddy)--from reece!

In case you are wondering, yes, Reece made that picture for Daddy all by himself. This proud Mommy wanted you to know that. You can see by his smile that he is pretty delighted with his work! So yeah, he's got the creative genes.

"How did he do that?" you ask?

Glad you asked!

Step one: get finger paint and posterboard. Check.

Step two: get cute baby to put hands in finger paint. Check.

Step three: follow your artistic instinct. Check.

Step four: sit back and relish in your work. Check.

Step five: a good artist always cleans up after himself. Check.

Daddy also got a photo keychain (since everyone else in the family has one, its about time he gets one too!) and a DVD with tons of pictures on it from his baby boy. It was soooo nostalgic looking at all those pictures! I can't imagine what it will be like to look at them 18 years from now. I'd better get some more bathtub shots before he grows up!

Happy Father's Day, Trey, from your baby boy Reece and your baby mama. WE LOVE YOU!


Katie said...

That's such a sweet idea! Reece is adorable. Love your blog...I'll be back for sure!

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