We are SOOOO lucky...

For months now, I have been following the blog of Kayleigh Anne Freeman, a BBC friend who delivered a 1 lb preemie on June 23, 2008. Kayleigh had many highs, as well as many lows. We rejoiced when she was healthy, and prayed when she was sick. Kayleigh lost her battle days after losing oxygen to her brain during a surgery on May 11, 2009. She has touched so many lives in her short 11 months on this Earth, but we know that we all are better for "knowing" Kayleigh Anne.
We are so lucky to have a happy, healthy baby boy. Reece is the joy of our lives and his smile just radiates a room. I have no idea what I did before I had him in my life...I freaked out when this little boy, yes, this one right here, had a stuffy nose!

So Reece and I (along with thousands of others across the globe) released balloons in honor of Kayleigh. Pink balloons for this precious girl. Her balloons travelled far, over the Gulf of Mexico and drifted off out of sight.

So each night I hug Reece a little tighter, and kiss him a couple of extra times just to make sure HE knows how much he is loved. So sleep tight, Miss Kayleigh Anne, and thank you for making such an impact on so many people's lives in your short life. I am a better person because of you!


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