HOWWWW much longer?!

Well, today we are celebrating the retirements of 2 teachers at our school. This is crazy...together they have spent almost 70 (yes, that is right....70....seventy...CRAZY!) years teaching elementary school. The way I figure it, I'll be here for another 30 years. Then I'll be 62 when I retire. I can't even collect social security then, can I?

I mean, I don't have moments when I want to retire THAT often, especially when I see this:

Or when we are doing something super-fun like splatter painting like this:

Or when I get a call from the Kennedy Center because one of my students' artworks is going to be hung in the Kennedy Center for the summer and then will be travelling around the country at various children's museums. I mean, I really LOVE my job, but the parents are getting to be a bit much. We have 7 days left of school and I have someone that wants a conference. REALLY?? So am I going to make it another 30 years and spend 40 years being a teacher?

This is how I feel about being here for another 30 years!

Only time will's to hitting the lottery!


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