Showin' the LOVE!

As I sit here editing my photos from our trip to Ohio, it of course never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful, caring family we have! Of course they all seem so far away...but things are looking brighter now that Trey's family have put an offer in on a house in North Port! My point is, I look through the photos and see the love and togetherness that we all have for one another...Josh and Janis show the endearing love of newlyweds:

Love between a family that is spread across many miles:

The love from great-grandparents seeing their great-grandchild for the first time:

The love you feel when you get to have a beverage while witnessing a wedding (and your first time out without a baby)!

When you love your country so much you would climb to the top of a flagpole to unravel the flag:
The love from a Grandma who loves her grandbaby boys:

The love you have for life when you have no other care in the world but to fall fast asleep under the shade of a tree:
Okay, so some of those are silly love...but love nonetheless. As you can see, my family is absolutely perfect, full of togetherness, happiness and LOVE!


*Rhea* said...

It was a really great time. We are very lucky to have such an amazing, fun and loving family.

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