Not Me! Monday, on Thursday

So Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival that was created by MckMama where we "confess" our deepest, darkets secrets of the past week. Since I'm new to blogging, I thought I would just TRY this out and certainly not confess EVERYTHING I have done this week!

I most certainly did NOT drive through McDonalds last night for 69cent cheesburger Wednesday. I thought it was a good idea until Trey came home and mentioned "White Trash Dinner". Upon second thought, that $6 dinner from the Golden Arches wasn't very "super-mommy" of me, so I am not taking blame. I mean, who would do THAT?!

I definitely didn't wipe up Reece's spit-up this morning in the car with his hat. Why would I want to get spit-up on his cute bib? So the next time we put that hat on and something smells a-funky, I won't take the blame for it, because it wasn't ME!

I didn't lay my sweet baby on the baby bjorn and my shirt yesterday on the floor in Old Navy while I tried on a new shirt. Who would do such a thing?!

I havn't eaten Breakstone's cottage cheese and fruit EVERY DAY this week for lunch. I mean, only pregnant women eat the same thing everyday, right?!

I havn't waited until the 11th hour to get all our stuff ready for Ohio, either. Knowing me, I had it done a week ago and it's sitting out, ready for last-minute add-ins. Yep, can't catch me being a procrastinator because it simply wasn't ME!!!


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