Packing for Ohio...

I have never been an over-packer, but for this trip I just cannot help it! We are going to Dayton, Ohio for my cousin Janis' wedding and will be staying with Trey's family for the duration. Most of his side of the family has never met Reece. Thus begins the obsession with making sure EVERYTHING is perfect (including his cute plaid shorts and vintage Snoopy onesie!) Oh and then the plane ride...oh the plane ride. Trey is nervous that Reece won't do well on the plane. I have faith in our little squirmy worm. I hope he proves his mama right!

Our plane leaves from Tampa at 6 am. Yes, you heard me right, 6 am. That means leaving Venice at 3, 3:30 at the latest. I hope Reece sleeps until we board that plane!

The weekend should be fabulous, we havn't seen Joey in FOREVER, and most of the rest of the family since our wedding. As far as Trey's family goes, since last summer. Can't wait!

So on goes the packing....I've got Reece's bag(s) packed, but mine is still sitting EMPTY in the guest bedroom. Looks like while I'm over-packing for Reece, I'll most likely forget my underwear.


bobbie said...

Keep up the blog Joanna. It's fun to catch up on life's tidbits.

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