Not Me! Memorial Day Monday

"Not Me" Monday is a great week to publish your imperfections (and laugh about it)! To learn more about this soul-cleansing blog carnival, visit www, and read what others have not been been doing this week!

Of course for the past week I have been absolutely PERFECT! It has been tough for me to come up with ANY imperfections, but I shall try.

Yesterday it was NOT ME who gave my 6-month-old some laundry in hopes that a) he might learn by osmosis how to fold the laundry, or b) learn by watching (like everything else he is mimicking these days) how to fold laundry. I do not surrender to the laundry gods and admit defeat in the laundry department. You should know that it also was not me who let this dear child slobber all over daddy's t-shirt...and also know that I most certainly did not just fold the shirt up anyway and put it in daddy's clean clothes pile.

It was also NOT ME who allowed our jealous pug, Riley, on Reece's play mat this week. It was also not me who allowed Reece to squeeze and pull at Riley to "get to know her" and I honestly did not allow him to continue pulling and biting her curly tail just because it was hilarious. What kind of Mom would allow such a thing to continue? And what kind of Mom would run and get the camera for photographic proof? I have no idea...because it wasn't me!

It is NOT ME who is rejoicing in the fact that there only 4 loooooooong days of school left this year. I most definitely am NOT happy that I will get to spend all my waking hours with my baby boy. I will NOT be counting every minute of every day until Friday at 3:00. I also have NO idea that it is exactly 6,508 minutes until Friday at 3:00. Nope, NOT ME!

It is also not me who is ever-so-humbly singing our family mantra "oh Lord, its hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way".


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