The End....for 10 weeks!

Today is (gladly) our last day of school for 10 (too short!) weeks. I just know it will fly by. This year has been a whirlwind, it seems. Besides missing about 7 weeks in the middle of the year, weeks came and went, thankfully, and days got shorter, thankfully, so I could hang with Reece for the "rest" of the day! This has become a new normal for me, as I went from 2 jobs down to one, down to the best job I've ever had: being a mom. Being a working mom at that!
It's been a juggle going from this:

To HIM at night:

And from these:


Pretty good trade, doncha think?!

All this within a year! I know this summer will bring great things and great adventures for Reece and myself! I am working every other week teaching swimming camps, but plan on spending as much time with my little man as I can. I know he is going to grow leaps and bounds on us in the next 3 months. I know he is going to become mobile (watch out world!) and I know I am going to love every minute of this!

So, as I bid adieu to my students this afternoon, I gladly welcome the new job I'll have for the next 10 weeks!


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