Not Me Monday!

Of course with me being perfect and all, it was hard for me to come up with a few "Not Me's" for the week. Be sure to check out McKMama's website so you don't feel so bad for your imperfections for the week.

I did NOT subject myself and my Trey to 4 full nights of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here". I wasn't at ALL fully engaged in all the drama on the show. I wasn't laughing my butt off at the fact that Heidi was crying about the labels on her dry shampoo being torn off. I also did not watch every episode that subsequentally ran on Mtv, either. I don't plan on tuning in next week, either. Who would fill their summer tv schedule with such smut?!

I did not photograph Reece's WWF Smackdown with Curious George, either. Neither Trey or I provoked it, either. Anything you see here was completely voluntary....and real.

It started out innocently enough...Reece teaching Curious George how to play nicely with link-a-doos...
Who thought a 7-month old would be able to teach an old monkey new tricks?

What's this?! Oh no! Reece Alec! Don't push George over!

"Mama, I've heard monkey tastes JUST like chicken"!

So NO, I did NOT make my 7-month old apologize to Curious George, and I did NOT make them kiss and make up. I do NOT think it is important to show good manners, even at the ripe age of 7 months!

When we took the ferry to our beach this past weekend, I did NOT put Reece's toes in the Gulf. As you can see, he loves the sand and he loves the water. This is NOT video proof:


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