it's elf on the shelf time!

Oodle, our "Elf on a Shelf" has been rather mischevious this year! My sister, Rhea, bought the Elf for Reece's first birthday. He started out rather tame, but now it seems he's really up to no good while we're sleeping....check out what he's been up to this week:

Had some Italian Ice and hung out in the freezer. Good thing he had on a scarf and earmuffs!

Toilet-papered the bathroom. What a mess! Reece just stood in the doorway with his hand on his hip shaking his finger and scolding Oodle!

He brought some snow from the North Pole and make snow angels in the kitchen!

He used Mommy's sharp sewing scissors to cut paper...and cut himself! Bad Oodle!

Eh, just "hanging around"! (*side note- Oodle MADE me clean the fan blades...YUCK!)

Putting out the blazing fire of a (north pole-scented) Yankee Candle!

*It's hilarious because I've been posting these on Facebook each night and now people are expecting things from Oodle! I have to be sure to keep my game up until Christmas Day :)


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